TMJ Disorder

Have you noticed chronic headaches or facial pain? Do you experience buzzing ears or lock jaw? Desert Creek Dental professional Dr. Pardazi can provide you with effective relief from these common symptoms of TMD.

Many patients who experience the symptoms of an affected jaw do not even consider the possibility of TMJ Disorder. When the temporomandibular joint becomes misaligned, painful symptoms may arise. This condition is known as TMJ Disorder, or TMD.

Some of the symptoms of TMD include:

  • Frequent headaches or migraines.
  • Clicking or popping of the jaw joint.
  • Pain around the jaw.
  • Uncomfortable chewing.
  • Toothaches.
  • Muscle pain in the face, neck, or upper back.
  • Ringing, buzzing, or aching in the ears.
  • Dizzy spells.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, a consultation with a professional is the next step. Dr. Pardazi will be able to diagnose your TMD based on your symptoms along with x-rays and a physical exam.

Treating TMJ Disorder with Custom Appliances

We focus on pain-free and conservative TMJ treatments that will eliminate your symptoms for good. For some patients, we may recommend treatment methods like massage, prescription medication, lifestyle changes, or bite modification. Dr. Pardazi may place a few crowns or suggest Invisalign® treatment to improve your bite and the function of your jaw.

For most patients, our custom-made TMJ splint is a successful and simple solution. A TMJ splint is just like a mouth guard, and it will prevent you from grinding your teeth and straining those important muscles around the jaw.

The mouth guard is comfortable, portable, and easy to clean. It can allow your jaw to relax, and can even re-train it to function with less strain and pain. We are confident that our custom TMD splints can make a difference in your daily life.

Find Relief From Your TMJ Pain at Desert Creek Dental!

If you are curious about TMJ, we are here to offer you an accurate diagnosis and immediate relief. Call for your consultation now at Desert Creek Dental.