Teeth Whitening | Queen Creek, AZ

Smile whitening has become a standard part of self-maintenance. Everywhere we look, we see bright movie star smiles flashing back at us.

It’s easy to join the white smile club when you’re a patient at Desert Creek Dental. Remember that everyone experiences some dullness and yellowness in their teeth over time. You just need to know the right place to go to reverse aging and staining, so you can regain your youthful white smile.

Dr. Pardazi is pleased to provide Zoom in-office whitening to his patients. He also offers customized portable whitening trays for patients who prefer to improve their smiles at home.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

The most common causes of dull teeth include aging and the consumption of staining substances. There are many staining foods and drinks out there, including coffee, tea, and red wine. Some medications or excessive fluoride may also dull the teeth. Fortunately, these stains can be quickly reversed with Zoom whitening.

What is Zoom! Tooth Whitening?

The Zoom whitening system uses the latest whitening technology to brighten your teeth 8-10 shades. When you whiten in-office, you’ll see these significant results after less than one hour in the dental chair. Zoom is ideal for anyone who wants to see a gorgeous new smile right away.

The Zoom take-home system uses a revolutionary gel and comfortable trays that will whiten your teeth 6 shades in just 3 nights. Some patients can lighten their teeth even further after continued applications.

Why Choose Professional Whitening over Drugstore Alternatives?

Drugstore tooth whitening kits can brighten your teeth a few shades, but they won’t deliver the fast and powerful results that professional whitening gels can. In addition, drugstore whitening kits are one-size-fits-all, and therefore not as safe or comfortable as professional whitening options.

You deserve whitening that is customized to your teeth and your sensitivity levels. Dr. Pardazi will oversee your experience to ensure that it is as effective and painless as possible.

Can I Benefit from Tooth Whitening?

Almost anyone can gain greater confidence and a more beautiful smile with Zoom whitening. With an oral exam, Dr. Pardazi can let you know if you are a good candidate for our in-office or take home systems. Call to schedule your consultation at Desert Creek Dental today!