Smile Gallery

This patient came in very unhappy with her chipped teeth and had long dreamed of having a smile makeover. Our goal was to enhance her smile while also addressing areas of decay and some older fillings and crowns that were failing. Dr. Pardazi was able to achieve these results with 9 porcelain crowns across the top. The space on the upper left side (tooth no. 13) will be filled with an implant crown in the next few weeks. This approach allowed Dr. Pardazi to both makeover the patient’s smile while also taking care of all of the decay and failing teeth that were causing problems. Our patient was so happy with the results that she is now wanting to have her lower arch (bottom teeth) done as well. If you are interested in talking to Dr. Pardazi about getting the smile you’ve always wanted please call our office for a free, no-pressure consultation any time.

This young patient of ours was self conscious about the small size of her teeth and the amount of gums that showed when she smiled. Inspired by a family member who had veneers done, she came to our office looking for a smile makeover. In order to give her the smile she really wanted we first referred her to a periodontist for gingival (gums) contouring. Dr. Pardazi then restored her front 8 teeth with porcelain veneers. Dr. Pardazi uses a first-class, on-site dental laboratory that is able to work directly with him in our office to get the exact customized shade that our patients desire.

It’s amazing what a difference two veneers will make! This patient of ours was unhappy with the discoloration of her front tooth after having a root canal done on it some time ago. She also wanted to correct the space between her front teeth. She wanted to address both of these concerns but couldn’t invest in a complete smile makeover. By giving her porcelain veneers on her two front teeth, we were able to both close the gap and correct the discoloration. Our patient was very happy with her new smile!

This case particularly enjoyable as were able to help our patient address two problems. She had a biking accident which resulted in her losing her front tooth. Additionally, she had always been unhappy with color/shade of her teeth. The staining was intrinsic, which unfortunately for her meant that her teeth would not respond to traditional whitening methods. We were able to replace her missing tooth with a dental implant and used 5 dental veneers on the surrounding teeth to give her the perfect, white smile she always wanted!

This is a patient of ours who was very insecure about her teeth. She told us that she hadn’t been smiling for 20 years, despite working in customer service. She had several failing porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns and didn’t like the shape, color, or black lines showing through. She also had several back teeth that were either broken, missing or had cavities.

In order to give her a smile that not only looked great, but would provide a long-lasting solution Dr. Pardazi made two posterior (back) fixed bridges and 4 anterior (front) crowns using zirconia.

Our patient says she “can’t stop smiling” and feels like her life has changed because of her new smile. We know that a dental office isn’t everyone’s favorite place to spend an afternoon, but it’s so good to hear that the work we do here can make such a difference in peoples’ lives.

This patient of ours chipped her tooth when she was young and had it corrected with composite (filling material) several times over the years. She wanted a more permanent and aesthetic solution. We gave her a porcelain veneer that perfectly matched her other teeth and gave her the result she wanted. She says that she sometimes forgets which tooth has the veneer and which is her natural tooth!

Working with a great cosmetic dental lab is paramount and we are very lucky to have one of the best labs on site. This allows the lab techs to come in and get an exact customized shade and shape in the same visit.