Wisdom Tooth Extraction

woman holding jaw in painWisdom teeth—also referred to as third molars—are the last teeth to appear, usually in our late teens or twenties. However, not everyone gets them; some people get several wisdom teeth while others don’t get any at all.

At Desert Creek Dental in Queen Creek, AZ, Dr. Ismail Pardazi and his team understand that no one likes to hear that they need a tooth extraction. Dr. Pardazi is an experienced dentist who always makes your comfort a priority. Our entire dental team works together to ensure that we provide you with the most relaxing and comfortable procedure possible.

When Wisdom Teeth Are a Problem

Because these final molars appear so late and are located so far back in the mouth, wisdom teeth can cause various problems with your oral health. In most cases, the mouth simply isn’t big enough to accommodate that extra set of teeth.

Wisdom teeth can lead to complications like:

Impaction: If your jaw is not large enough for the wisdom teeth to erupt, they become stuck. Impacted teeth cause discomfort and potential infection.

Incomplete eruption: If the wisdom teeth break through partially, a flap of gum tissue may grow over them. This gum tissue is at risk for severe gum infection because it’s easy for food and bacteria to become trapped under it.

Tooth Crowding: The wisdom teeth may come in at an awkward angle, pushing and crowding the rest of your teeth.

Improperly erupted wisdom teeth can also cause damage to the neighboring teeth and promote bone or cyst development.

Our dentist removes wisdom teeth whenever necessary to protect the patient from pain and infection. He always uses a gentle hand and keeps patient comfort in mind.

Expect Comfort, Excellence, Precision

x-ray of wisdom teethWhen you need a wisdom tooth extraction, turn to our anesthesia-certified dentist, Dr. Heath Snell. Not only is Dr. Snell, an experienced dentist, but he has undergone specialized anesthesia training to ensure your comfort and safety during your tooth extraction.

Dr. Snell is very gentle, but if you are nervous and want to ensure a completely stress-free experience, he is certified to deliver IV sedation. He complies with all state and federal regulations to keep you very safe.

The extraction procedure involves gently rocking the tooth back and forth to remove it. If the wisdom teeth are unerupted, we will make a small incision and gently remove the teeth one piece at a time.

We will provide you with detailed after-care instructions to see the best results from your procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Queen Creek, AZ

If you have wisdom teeth and have been experiencing jaw pain, swelling, or bleeding and tender gums. These are signs that you have a problematic wisdom tooth that might be crowding other teeth and needs to be removed.

To schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services, contact Desert Creek Dental today. We look forward to giving you the ultimate patient experience!