Emergency Dentistry in Queen Creek

We understand that you lead a busy life, and you need a dentist that makes your priorities his priorities! When an urgent dental need arises, we are here for our patients.

Our team doesn’t make our patients wait to receive the quality care they really need! We provide same-day dentistry for dental emergencies like:

Toothache | Toothache, sensitivity, or pain may be hinting at a serious underlying problem. In order to identify any potential health threats, you should see Dr. Pardazi as soon as possible. Call our office to set up your same-day visit, so your dentist will look for indications of decay and infection.

Knocked-Out Tooth | If you knock out a tooth, there’s a chance you can save that tooth, but only if you act quickly! Keep your tooth in its proper socket or in milk or saltwater. Call our office, and come on in for emergency dental care. We will do everything we can to restore your healthy and confident smile.

Broken Tooth | A broken or chipped tooth can cause toothache and leave your tooth susceptible to decay or further physical trauma. Come take care of that break or chip before it grows worse. We would be happy to see you in our office the very same day that the issue occurs!

Broken Dental Work | If you lose or break your dental work, you should call your Desert Creek professional. Dr. Pardazi will reinstall your dental work or review your options with you before the tooth becomes damaged.

Dental Discomfort | There are all kinds of dental discomfort that may leave you with the need for immediate care. If you have an object stuck between your teeth or you are unable to chew comfortably, contact us at Desert Creek Dental right away.

When you are in a condition that threatens your healthy smile, give our office a call. We make time for our patients with urgent needs so that we can restore their comfort immediately.

If you need dentistry today, don’t hesitate to call Desert Creek Dental!