Dental Technology

Innovations in dental technology make dentistry more successful and interesting. We provide cutting-edge dental technology at Desert Creek Dental because we have seen the difference it makes in our patients’ experiences. Your treatments will be more comfortable, safer, and highly precise with the help of our advanced technology.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry provides all of the benefits that so many patients want: pain-free, comfortable, and successful procedures. The laser evaporates the tissue rather than cutting it, so you can avoid that dreaded dental drill.

The laser will deliver precise results, which will reduce your risk of post-procedure infection. Most dental procedures aren’t even accompanied by anesthesia because they are completely painless!

Diode Laser

Dr. Pardazi utilizes the diode laser because it is an incredible multi-function tool. It evaporates tissue during soft-tissue procedures, but it also cauterizes and sterilizes while cutting. This results in faster healing and little, if any, pain or bleeding.

Intraoral X-Rays

The digital images taken by our small intraoral camera allow a more accurate diagnosis and more effective patient education. The digital camera allows both you and your dentist to take a digital tour of your mouth, so you can learn more about your diagnosis and treatment options.

Panoramic X-Rays

When your dentist can see the structures of your mouth from every angle, he can provide the most effective services. The panoramic x-ray shows a much broader view of the teeth, jaws, nasal passages, and jaw joints.

Patient Entertainment

Of course, we want you to feel right at home while we treat you to the best that dentistry has to offer. We provide TVs in every room so that patients can sit back and relax through checkups and services.

Modern Technology for a Personalized Experience!

We care about your unique needs and circumstances. Dr. Pardazi and his team want to create a dental experience that is tailored to YOU! Call to schedule your appointment at our modern office today. We would love to hear from you soon at Desert Creek Dental!