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Queen Creek cosmetic dentist
Cosmetic dentistry includes many different procedures and materials all designed to improve the appearance of your smile.

Even one imperfect tooth can make you want to hide your smile. Here at Desert Creek Dental, we provide an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry choices, from Zoom Whitening to crowns. We utilize the latest advancements in dental technology so that you can achieve your ideal smile in a safe and comfortable manner.

You will receive Dr. Pardazi’s full attention when you visit us with questions about your smile’s potential. He will help you design a smile transformation plan that suits your needs and preferences. Some of the reasons you might choose to pursue cosmetic dentistry include:

Increasing Your Confidence | You don’t have to live with obvious metal crowns, gaps between your teeth, or a gummy smile. You deserve to show off a gorgeous smile that makes you feel good about socialization and work opportunities.

Boosting Your Comfort | Cosmetic dental work can even out your smile and give you a more functional bite. Cosmetic treatments can help you chew food more easily. They can also reduce pain in your jaw, head, face, and ears.

Protecting Your Health | A straight and beautiful smile is easy to clean. A flawless smile is less susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay because there are fewer places for plaque to hide!

Cosmetic Services We Offer in Queen Creek, AZ

Are you unhappy with the size or shape of your teeth? Do you want a straighter, whiter, and brighter smile?

Dr. Pardazi can make all of these changes to your smile with simple cosmetic dentistry services, including:

Zoom! Tooth Whitening | Zoom can transform your appearance in less than one hour. This whitening process will brighten your teeth around 8-10 shades with one easy visit to your caring dentist.

Crowns and Veneers | Crowns and veneers can cover up gaps, chips, and discoloration.

Dental Implants | For severely damaged teeth, dental implants are a realistic and appealing alternative. Dental implants can give you a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime!

Fresh Smiles for a New You!

If you are interested in receiving cosmetic care or finding out how we might be able to enhance your smile, call us at Desert Creek Dental in Queen Creek today.